Our Consulting Services


  Integration and management of data is paramount within the financial services firm.    We find and implement solutions that are scalable and can grow and adapt as your business needs change. 


  1. Technology assessments. Evaluation of your systems architecture and technology use. Update technology strategy to take full advantage of the applications already in place 
  2. Integration management.  Design and development of complete systems or application extensions and integration with other systems
  3. Vendor and service provider searches including requirements definition, functional analysis, gap analysis to determine technology strengths and shortcomings, and  RFI/RFP development leading to the selection of the right technology component and provider for your organization.   
  4. Specialized applications.  Loan Manager provides functionality specific for managing all aspects of inter-entity loans, automating all aspects of loan definition, processing, accounting and reporting.  Process Control Center - PCC, a browser based application to monitor and control all business activities.


Make the most of limited resources and infrastructure with best practices and controls designed specifically for your organization.

  1. Operational reviews including risk assessment.  Identify those areas where inefficient processes are preventing the office from achieving its maximum service potential. The scope of an operational assessment can range from a narrow functional focus with a specific high-level objective to an all-encompassing evaluation of the entire operation.  
  2. Process improvement. How do you change from what's not working to a new way of thinking and still maintain service levels to your clients? Process improvement in the private wealth management office focuses on industry best practices and encompasses the whole organization, with an integrated, cross-functional scope.  Change can be difficult and requires a managed process with measurable steps. Our structured methodology will assist your organization in transforming fragmented activities into a continuous stream of controlled, value added processes, driven by client needs.
  3. Workflow and process documentation using our web-based Process Control Center to institutionalize your operations for management control

Enhanced Excel Usage

Excel © is an indispensable tool in almost every office.  Organize your workbooks and optimize Excel with Windward's multi-tiered approach.

  1. Design and implement a Control Framework for managing and controlling your spreadsheet library to protect your investment in Excel.
  2. Develop appropriate standards for spreadsheet development. Such standards include guidelines for assuring that spreadsheets are easy to use and modify as well as techniques for guaranteeing that spreadsheets are controlled and accurate.
  3. Educate your office staff on advanced concepts which will help them develop more robust and powerful applications in a fraction of the time as would be otherwise possible.
  4. Upgrade and enhance the office’s spreadsheet library, either as an outsourced assignment or through collaboration with your staff.